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BJC-4800 Portable Jump Starter HIPPO TWIN

BJC-4800 Portable Jump Starter HIPPO TWIN  - Jump_Starter_ _BJC  - BJC-4800 - BJC
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Designed  for Car / Light Commercial vehicle dealer workshops, Panel Beaters, Mini Bus repairers, Mining Companies, Aviation, Defence, TAFE, Hire Companies, Auction Yards

Performance:                                 12Volt           24Volt
Cranking Amps CCA:                        800               400
Peak Amps PA:                               4,800            2,400
  • Designed in Australia for Australian Conditions
  • Complies with WHS Regulations
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Anti Spike Protection
  • Battery isolation Switch - 12Volt - Off - 24Volt
  • Fuse Protected
  • Will jump start vehicles - with dead flat batteries
  • SmartCharger BCS-A2404

Dimensions: W 330 x D 240 x H 370 Each

Weight: 15.0Kg Each

$1888.00 (ex GST)


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